Lonely Monster

We Love to make super awesome stuff, we specialises in Video production and Website Design & Development, but we can do a lot more!

The Team

Video Production

One of Lonely Monster's specialities and passion, we work all over the world but our home is London. (Chasing Grace [band] with their fans!)


Every special moment in life deserves to be remembered, let us share that moment with you by documenting it with some amazing photos!

Our Story

Once upon a time in a land not so far away (where ever you are) in the borough of Camden three monsters gathered, not for the first time.
the first monster is a calculative one, he uses his brains and his trickery to survive the harsh world they live in, the second monster relied on his knowledge of programming and his super tec. to do even the benign chore of the day, that is why he was nickname The Geek, The last and not least of the monsters is the prettiest monster in the land and with her creative vision in what ever she sees in front her; together on that fated day of the 3rd of December 2013 they decided to combine their super powers and talents and create the ultimate monster which they would be known from that day forward as “Lonely Monster” to create works of awesomeness that has never been seen before!.
There is no end as of yet to this story as its being written as you are reading this…
but YOU! (yes you) can be part of this journey just by saying hi, don’t worry we wont bite! .. maybe!

Peter Hodges

CEO - Project Manager ( Prodigy Monster )

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients / partners

we value our relationship with our clients / partners as much as we value the
relationship between ourselves and the work we provide.

"Wonderful and super fast job, couldn't ask for anything better.
Thank you!"

− Safa Banks Contracting (website)

"Let me congratulate you on the excellent work that you have accomplished with this video - it is exceptional - really vibrant and exciting. The video will look good on our web course prospectus pages and will definitely encourage people to consider applying."

− London Metropolitan University - Preeti Patel